Qlikview is really an amazing piece of software, or like they say it: very Qool.
As the world’s fastest growing analysis and reporting tool, QlikView delivers a unique and powerful level of transparency across your business in just hours of getting started. It allows you to make the right decisions on trusted information about your business and your markets when you need it most. This is a claim other software firms also often have. But the technology behind QlikView is very unique ( e.g. their “associative” database) . QlikTech adopted “seeing is believing” as their strategy. And, I must say, it’s true: if you see the software, played around with it, it’s easy to see why so many companies are now using Qlikview.

I can help you especially to get the most out of your investment in JDEdwards and Qlikview because of my knowledge of the structure of the database.

…  Making data meaningful